LF f(21-31) modified [id=LFH0050]

Synonym: MAP2

Producer Organism : Native Protein : Production Method :
Human Lactoferrin (LF) Synthetic
Activity : No activity detected
Target Organisms :

NOTE: No activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 27853 (>2000 ÁM) .

Description :
Production method: Synthetic.

Antibacterial activities for the linear (LFH0045) and the branched, dimeric (LFH0050), tetrameric (LFH0051), octameric (LFH0052) and hexadecemeric (LFH0053) MAPs were tested against P.aeruginosa. LFH0051, LFH0052 and LFH0053 exhibited strong antibacterial activity while LFH0045 and LFH0050 did not, up to a peptide concentration of about 200 mm. The peptide with the highest antibacterial activity was LFH0053 (Citation: 1).
Citation: 1

Antibacterial activity of multiple antigen peptides homologous to a loop region in human lactoferrin

Cited Entries: LFH0045, LFH0050, LFH0051, LFH0052, LFH0053

Authors:Azuma, M., Del Carpio, C.A., Kojima, T., Yokoyama, I., Tajiri, H., Yoshikawa, K., Saga, S.
Journal: The Journal of Peptide Research 1999, 54(3).
Keywords: Antibacterial activity; Lactoferrin; multiple antigen peptide; pore formation

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