Citation (#260):

N-acylated and D enantiomer derivatives of a nonamer core peptide of lactoferricin B showing improved antimicrobial activity

Authors: Wakabayashi, H., Matsumoto, H., Hashimoto, K., Teraguchi, S., Takase, M., Hayasawa, H.

Journal: Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 1999, 43(5).


N-acylated or D enantiomer peptide derivatives based on the sequence RRWQWRMKK in lactoferricin B demonstrated antimicrobial activities greater than those of lactoferricin B against bacteria and fungi. The most potent peptide, conjugated with an 11-carbon-chain acyl group, showed two to eight times lower MIC than lactoferricin B.

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