Citation (#275):

Biologically active peptides from milk proteins with emphasis on two examples concerning antithrombotic and immunomodulating activities

Authors: Fiat, A.-M., Migliore-Samour, D., Jolles, P., Drouet, L., Sollier, C.B.D., Caen, J.

Journal: Journal of Dairy Science 1993, 76(1).

Keywords: milk proteins; antithrombosis; immunomodulation; Ace; angiotensin I-converting enzyme; Cei; converting enzyme inhibitor; Cpp; casein phosphopeptide; GPIIb-IIIa; glycoprotein Ilb-IIIa complex; Ic50; mean inhibitory concentration; Pmnl; polymorphonuclear leukocytes; Prp; proline-rich polypeptide; Srbc; sheep red blood cells

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