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Casocidin-I: a casein-alphas2 derived peptide exhibits antibacterial activity

Authors: Zucht, H.-D., Raida, M., Adermann, K., Mgert, H.-J., Forssmann, W.-G.

Journal: FEBS Letters 1995, 372(2-3).

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Here we report the isolation and characterization of an antibacterial peptide from bovine milk inhibiting the growth of Escherichia coli, and Staphylococcus carnosus. The primary structure of the peptide was revealed as a 39-amino-acid-containing fragment of bovine αs2-casein (position 165203) by means of Edman amino acid sequencing and mass spectrometry. Since human milk does not contain any casein-αs2, these findings could explain the different influence of human and bovine milk on the gastrointestinal flora of the suckling.

Keywords: Antibacterial; Peptide; Milk; Casein; Intestinal flora

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