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Antifungal properties of lactoferricin B, a peptide derived from the N-terminal region of bovine lactoferrin

Authors: Bellamy, W., Yamauchi, K., Wakabayashi, H., Takase, M., Takakura, N., Shimamura, S., Tomita, M.

Journal: Letters in Applied Microbiology 1994, 18(4).


A number of yeasts and filamentous fungi, including agents of skin disease (dermatophytes), were tested and found to be susceptible to inhibition by lactoferricin B. Effective concentrations varied within the range of 3 to 60 μg ml-1, depending on the strain and culture medium used. Lactoferricin B inhibited fungal uptake of 3H-glucose with effectiveness similar to polymyxin B, suggesting that it may target the cell membrane. It caused a profound change in ultrastructural features of the dermatophyte Trichophyton mentagrophytes.

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